i officially lost control of my life and made a giles parody twitter


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I’m looking for this guy. Bleach blonde hair, leather jacket, British accent. Kinda sallow, but in a hot way?

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….only to live in one.

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I bet Dean used to read Green Eggs and Ham to Sam when they were younger.

Sam would probably get so excited whenever Dean would say his name in the book and be like “Dean, that’s my name! I’m in the book!” and Dean would just laugh and agree.

I bet after a while, Dean would just stop reading the “Sam I am” part and would look at Sam to cue him to say it while pointing at himself all happy and excited.

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I   didn’t   want   to   leave   her    a l o n e.

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If I ever get sad, I just remember that Joss Whedon actually did this

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These were really fun to make, and there will be more, so stay tuned to this station!

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